Ayuk Therns


Ayuk Therns is the secretary general of YPA Cameroon. Therns was born in Cameroon and is currently affiliated to the law department of the university of Buea. He has always been dreaming of making the world a better place. Therns has significantly contributed to social and community projects in Buea, Mamfe and elsewhere in Cameroon. To be able to make a bigger impact, he decided to join Youth Project Africa.

Njieforti Princewill

princewillNjieforti Princewill is the Project Manager for Agricultural Development in Cameroon. Princewill has advanced knowledge and education in crop production and resides in Buea, the southwest region of Cameroon. Princewill wants to empower women, youths, the less privileged and the rural community as a whole to gain basic skills in agronomy and help provide them with the resources to carry out agriculture on a commercial level. Besides this, he wants to lay focus on sustainable agriculture, food security and climate change.