G.B.P.S. Muea School Rehabilitation

Construction of two classrooms, installation of a water system and electricity for Government Bilingual Primary School G.B.P.S Muea

In Cameroon, a child can either choose to attend a private school or a government school. The private school is usually the most expensive to attend with some schools raising fees up to $600 per year. That amount represents about the yearly income of close to 80% of the rural population and about ½ of the yearly income of more than 50% of urban population.

As a result of these, most parents choose to send their children to government run schools. However, the government controlled schools have a lot of problems largely

fbecause government schools depend on the government for infra

structure, classroom equipment, teachers and basic necessities like water and electricity. Thousands of schools, especially in the rural areas, lack these facilities. There are no clas

srooms, benches, books, drinking water, electricity etc. Generally speaking, approximately 88% of the schools in Cameroon are not suitable for learning .

GBHS is a good example. Because there are no suitable classrooms, let alone chairs/tables, electricity, study materials and even teachers, this school is not a suitable place for learning.


Youth Project Africa is working on a project to construct two large classrooms for GBHS Muea and install water and electricity systems in the school. This will resolve the problems that have plagued the school for over two decades. The school now has a population of about 500 pupils even though it is situated in a densely populated neighborhood. YPA research revealed that the natives don’t want to send their kids to this school due to dilapidated structures. The project will therefore go a long way to foster education and assure a future for the population of Muea.

Want more information? Send an email to info@youthprojectafrica.org

Project manager: Orock Takang Moris