• Florine Van Meer (Board President, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Ayuk Elvis Mbi MSc (Board Member, Director YPA)
  • Ojong Gregory (Board Member, Forever Products Cameroon)
  • Eta A. Constant (Board Member , MINSEC DOUALA)
  • Ntungwen Prisca (Board Member , C.N.R.P.H Yaounde)

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Florine van Meer, Board President

Florine is the co-founder and Board President of YPA. She is a teachingassistant in Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where she is also studying Econometrics and Operations Research. After several visits in Africa, Florine was appalled by the need to contribute to the social and economic development of Africa.


Mr. Ayuk Elvis is the co-founder and Director of YPA. He has great international

Ayuk Elvis Mbi, Director 

experience, having lived in Cameroon, China, Japan, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Belgium. Now based in Belgium, he is continuously looking for opportunities to expand YPA’s activities in Cameroon and abroad. He is a graduate from Xiamen University, China, and he established YPA as a means to give back to the society, to the millions of youths in Africa who had not had the same opportunities he had.