Emergency Health Care

Procurement of four (04) Ambulance for Emergency Medical Service and out of hospital care.

Beneficiaries: 30 Villages including 04 Towns (Kumba, Buea, Mutengene, Limbe). Estimated population: About 3 million.

Project Amount: €74.000


Youth Project Africa  is pleased to present this proposal for your review. We look forward to partnering with you to provide emergency medical services and care to millions of rural and semi-urban inhabitants in the south west region of Cameroon. The project area covers over 30 villages and small towns which have no access to emergency medical services. Patients have to struggle for hours or even days trying to get to the hospital or clinic, resulting to high mortality rates, especially amongst children and pregnant women. Our proposal requests €74.000 in funding to obtain 04 Ambulances. Each ambulance will be equipped with basic life saving tools necessary for multiple types of emergencies, from respiratory assistance machines and defibrillators to items as simple as bandages and disinfectant solution.

Problem  Description

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared in 2010 that Cameroon lacks facilities to meet the high demands for healthcare services. For example, there is only 1 doctor for 10,000 persons on average. Inequitable geographic distribution of health workers, where rural areas have just a few of them is even a bigger problem. Even where there is a physician or a clinic, patients still have to face these challenges, among others:

  • Long distances to hospital or clinic
  • Patients must bring themselves to the hospital or receive help from friends and family
  • There is no ambulance service to give out-of-hospital care. Most emergency cases end up in fatality, especially from children, women and the aged
  • The roads are horrible. In rural areas most of these roads are impassable, especially during the rainy season
  • Hospitals don’t give out-of-hospital services. So a woman at childbirth without means to transport herself to the hospital will have to face the reality of giving birth at home without medical attention. This is a common trend in rural areas.

The Project

Youth Project Africa is seeking for funds to obtain 04 Ambulances to put at the service of the local communities. The project area is Kumba, Buea, Limbe and Mutengene. One ambulance will be stationed in each of these areas where it will serve the surrounding villages. The emergency vehicles will be run or controlled by the organization. To maximize the equality among inhabitants, it is important to set up a system where people are treated equally and money does not play a role. The ambulances should always treat the most urgent cases first. To achieve this, the first periods of time the ambulances will be financed by the organization. After a positive review, we will carry out research how to make the process self-sustainable. At this moment, we are for example thinking about asking for help from the government of Cameroon, charging a small fee from the local authorities for services, or looking for help from the local community.

Budget ()

Desc Qty UP TP

(Equipped with basic tools)

04 12,000 48,000
Shipping 04 900 3,600
Custom Clearance/Ports Adm 04 2,600 10,400
Adm/Misc 04 500 2,000
Start-up costs (insurance, fuel, maintenance, training)

For estimated period 1 year










Total   74,000